Campaign Components: logo, campaign identity and guideline, website, artwork and icons, direct mail, post card

We started on the FLAT305 project with an in-depth case study on the surrounding area—what features of this part of the city exactly is attractive to a buyer. The project consisted of brand, mark, website and promotional material for the sale of a small condo in urban Minneapolis. With a struggling economy, a condo sale proves to be difficult. After the initial meeting with the client we decided that creating a brand around the condo can efficiently express the hip urban lifestyle one could have living here and separate it from other condos for sale in the area.

We concepted names with the client and choose FLAT305 to reflect a hip, urban, and even European name. The logo uses Helvetica to unashamedly reflect a mod look.

The identity established, I translated it into advertising material for potential buyers, community billboards, and direct mail.

Upon further research, we had discovered that most sale items for property focus on the realtor. Focusing the brand on the location separates the condo from all the competition and gives the buyer what they want--the condo.

The website was designed to show features to the condo. Campaign specific icons and imagery was created for simple navigation. The website also shows maps of and external links to nearby urban attractions; bike paths, coffee shops, restaurants, the near-by Art Museum, etc.


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