Campaign Components: Campaign Components: logo, campaign identity and guideline, print advertising, bill board advertising, promotional bumper stickers, donation recognition vinyl sticker, donation recognition gold lapel pin, produced concept for website

Love Your Brain is an outreach campaign to drive donation to research. Initial conversation with the client illustrated a grim reality to neurological disorders; there is no cure. And the only way we will ever find a cure is with more research. Research is funded mostly by donation that is created into grants for researchers.

After initial brainstorming I came to understand a very strong feeling; there is pride in empathy.

After brainstorm and research we concepted and created the campaign slogan, Love Your Brain. The icon of heart in head borrows from an established symbol's meaning; the heart and love. This Love Your Brain icon is to be used as a symbol to the campaign without the need to have any supporting copy. Supporting materials were created for donors; donation recognition vinyl stickers and gold lapel pins.

Advertising brought in the subjects of empathy with simple messages of what the person was or could have been without the effects of their neurological disorder. The art direction to the photographer was to establish the real moods to the disease as respect. For example the despondent look of daughter with mother suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or the 'make the best of it' joy of mother with child suffering from Epilepsy.


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